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Criminal Defence Attorney Cost & Fees

Trust and confidence are the hallmarks of a viable solicitor-client relationship. For this reason, I have made it my practice to tell my clients exactly what they are getting for their money and try to work on a block fee basis whenever possible.

A block fee is a fixed amount of money that will stay the same regardless of the amount of time I spend on your case. This amount will cover all court appearances I make on your behalf, as well as all of the time I spend preparing your case.

Once a block fee agreement is reached, I will never ask you for any more money for the legal services covered by the agreement- no matter how long your matter takes to resolve or how many hours of legal research or investigation I undertake.

Your Case

Every case is different. The amount of the block fee will depend on many factors including the complexity of the case, the seriousness of the allegations, the desired legal objective and the amount of time I will need to spend in court.

Contact me to set up your FREE CONSULTATION. Once I have met with you and know more about your case (and what you hope to achieve), I will then provide you with a block fee.

In some circumstances, I will accept Legal Aid.

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